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Kuipers Food Processing Machinery

As a producer of snacks, savouries, nuts and seeds you are constantly striving for the best possible quality. Without a doubt, the continuity of your production process is high on your priority list. Deploying a quality system from Kuipers Food Processing Machinery helps you to achieve this.

Kuipers, founded in 1985, delivers machines worldwide for processing, frying, mixing and conveyor systems for packaging. Our machines support any desired production capacity. Our range runs from standard start-sets through to complete tailor-made high-end systems.

Deliberate specialist in food

Since its establishment in 1985, Kuipers Food Processing Machinery has grown its expertise in the production and frying of snacks, savouries, nuts and seeds. A deliberate choice, because we believe you can only become really good at something if you're specialized.

For every required capacity

Are you looking for a capacity of 100 or 6.000 kilos? In all cases, you can approach us for anything from a small machine to a complete system.

Delivered worldwide

Our systems are developed with Dutch engineering expertise and constructed from high-quality components. So you always benefit from guaranteed quality.


Sustainable production is high on the agenda for many authorities. Kuipers has developed a range of innovations, including a special process for water treatment. Read more

Our own service department

Kuipers has its own service department. Specialized service staff maintain your system.
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Continuous improvements, combined with our high standards of quality components gives you on yearly balance, the best and most efficient solution for the production of your quality product.

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