The worldwide specialist in processing snacks, savouries, nuts and seeds

Created through technology, driven by innovation

Kuipers Food Processing Machinery was founded in 1985. The choice to concentrate on food processing systems was a deliberate one. That’s because these processes are so specific that only focus, experience and in-depth knowledge can result in the best possible quality of these machines.

Dutch components
Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We are continuously working to improve our processes and machines. All components other than the heating vessels and slicers originate in the Netherlands, from partners who share our quality standards.

Multinationals as clients
The machinery and processes by Kuipers Food Processing Machinery are used over 50 country's by both, starters and multinationals. A list of references is available on request. Right now Kuipers Food Processing Machinery is staffed by a team of draughtsmen mechanical engineers and electro-technicians with an average of ten years’ experience each. They collaborate closely on the continuous improvement of the machines and processes.

Continuous improvements, combined with our high standards of quality components gives you on yearly balance, the best and most efficient solution for the production of your quality product.

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We are part of Bouman Industries.
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